Total Lee Entertainment Specializes in Weddings.
With over 16 years of experience every dream and every hope of having the perfect wedding is possible! Please use the following form to provide us with specific information about your wedding.

Our Total Entertainment Crew breaks down each specific job in order to personalize customize hat comes to your wedding to 100% tailor own and works together as a team to out perform any DJ. How can we say this? It is very Simple we have a minimum of three people who make sure that your wedding is everything that you wanted! When you hire Total Lee you get a minimum of three (3) professional wedding experts!

Below you will find our wedding planner that willmany ways to contact one of our coordinating specialists so that we can create your special event to be exactly what you want.

Step One: Details About You 
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Step Three: Choosing Music for Your Wedding   
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Step Four: Introduction of Your Wedding Party   
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Jane and Brad Williams
Brad Williams and Jane Doe
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Mr. and Mrs. Brad Williams
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Last Step: Other Details and Submission 
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